The Day in the  Life of Ms. Powell

About Me

Just a girl who loves to spread her aloha by teaching, eating, and seeing new places!


H-E-B Excellence in Education Finalist

Today I was announced as one of five statewide finalists for H-E-B Excellence in Education for my category! I was so surprised to have everyone come in my classroom today and so excited to see H-E-Buddy! So honored for this award!

HEF Grant Winner

I won two professional development grants for this upcoming summer! I'm able to continue my motto of being a lifelong learner and share my experiences with my students. I was so honored to have received these two grants! 

Superintendent Coin of Excellence Award

I was surprised during Red Ribbon Week with our Coin of Excellence Award! I was honored for all my hard work behind the scenes and love that they can see my passion for teaching!

NEA Global Fellow

Through The NEA Foundation Global Learning Fellowship, public school educators develop the knowledge and skills to integrate global competency into their daily classroom instruction, advocate for global competency in their schools and districts, and help students to thrive in our increasingly interconnected world.

22-23 Teacher of the  Year

Today was definitely a day I will always remember! I always get breakfast tacos on Friday because food always puts me in a great mood

I was so shocked to see my Mom and Dad, plus my aunt and uncle were there! It totally caught me off guard! I’m so honored to be our schools First Ever Teacher of the Year It was a special moment to have them there My students were so proud of me

Everyone has me so wonderful and I love coming to school each day! My family is always supportive in finding ways to help out my classroom

As I reflect, I’m so grateful for every educator I have ever worked with. I have learned so much over the years! It goes all the way back to Erin Saiki who let me be her student teacher My Kanoelani ʻohana who has some of the best life friends ever! To my Kendall team helping me navigate teaching in a new state

Thank you Sunfield ʻohana for always being kind and Making it a fun place to be! Kaitlyn Wilson and Ms. Daniel have been a huge blessing! They have helped me tremendously adjusting to a new school and district! #feelingblessed #myheartisfull

H-E-B Excellence             Award

As I finished my SY 21-22, I was presented an awesome award from the H-E-B Excellence in Education. I was a Statewide Semi-Finalist and couldn't have been more excited! It reminded me that all my hard work behind the scenes are paying off.

This year has been a great year for me to grow and try new things. Moving to a new district is never easy and especially when it's in a state you have never taught in. I had the best grade level  team that helped me grow as an educator. They were the best group of girls that I could have asked for! 

Hilltop Hunt Gold Prize Winner

I was so humbly honor to have won this grant for my district! Hilltop Hunt Securities had a series of riddles each day that were all Texas Related questions and answers.  I was beyond shock and excited when I was notified that I had won! 

2023 STR Star Award Nominee

Super excited to be a Nominee from Amplify Education for Science of Reading #SoRStarAward

We use Amplify to help collect all of our reading data! This allows me to stay accountable and keep my students on target!

Hey there! My name is Keke Powell and I am a food enthusiast, traveling junkie, and proud educator. I have learned so much in my seven years of teaching and I wanted to share some of my hobbies. I have recently relocated to Texas after 10 years of living in Hawaii. The cost of living continued to rise and felt that it was time to move to a new place. I am excited to be teaching second grade and my students are a lot of fun! I am excited to continue my journey as an educator in Texas and grow as a life long learner.

In Hawaii, I was a 5th grade teacher and absolutely loved my job! I have been at the same school and have taught grades 2nd-5th grade. I really enjoy having experiences with many different grade levels. I have bonded with many of my colleagues and have built a life long friendships. I believe I work at the best school and couldn't imagine teaching anywhere else. Math and Science are my two favorite subjects because I enjoy the thrill of trying new things. 

When I am not teaching, you can find me in the kitchen. This passion came along when I first started dating my boyfriend Jeff. He had his own kitchen and thought to myself that I want to be an amazing chef one day. The longer we dated, the more I wanted to keep cooking over and over again. I don't like going out to eat and eating a meal that didn't taste very well. I always thought about how I could make it better. I knew that even if I made something that didn't taste very good, then he would still eat it with a smile on his face. Now I can pretty much make anything from scratch! My parents enjoy having me home for the summers because they get to eat good. 

Lastly, I LOVE to travel! I have seen many new places and try to travel at least four times a year. I believe life is short and we have to make the best of it. I am blessed that I have found a group of friends that like to travel as much as I do. We call ourselves the Aina Fam! This name came up one day because we all think of each other as family. Aina means island. They really are my island family! I wouldn't trade them for anything.